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Rolling stock maintenance: access technology, elevated track systems, roof working platforms etc.

Elevated track systems

Elevated track systems are now being installed increasingly in preference to the old-style inspection pits when existing railway workshops are being modernised. Indeed, they have become the standard solution for new projects of this kind, as the improved accessibility makes work beneath the train unit much easier. And this means better working conditions for the workforce.

Undercarriage inspections now play a much more important role - and elevated track systems mean that the tests can be carried out faster and more efficiently.

We can supply track ties with special locking devices for changing wheelsets and bogies.

A new challenge has now come in this area from the need to construct and strengthen test tracks, an operation that involves setting up sections of rail track up to 200 metres in length and accurate down to a tenth of a millimetre.

It is no accident that also in this area we have outstanding credentials to our name.

Elevated track systems
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