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Rolling stock maintenance: access technology, elevated track systems, roof working platforms etc.

Special-purpose machines and crane installations

Special-purpose machines and crane installations cover a broad spectrum of the equipment that is needed for carrying out servicing and maintenance work on modern train systems.

Chain hoists and even entire crane installations may be required to service and maintain the technical equipment installed at roof level. Our crane department, which has many years of experience in a whole range of industrial sectors, has a broad range of solutions and services to offer in this field.

Mobile wheel-free jacks have to be inserted beneath the train when changing axle-sets. This is just one of the many different tasks that can be performed by the wide range of specialised equipment we supply.

What is more, Blumenbecker is also a competent point of contact for those seeking to rationalise and modernise their workshop facilities by installing traversers, turntables and other mechanical installations.

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Leiter Flughafenbodentechnik/ Bahntechnik
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