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Blumenbecker offers airport ground equipment: dollies, boarding steps, freight trailers etc.

Smart dollies

Blumenbecker dollies have been used all over the world for many years and – for a good reason. Their failure rate is practically zero. We also set new standards with our unique support service, which includes for example having our own maintenance stations at airports. With its innovative SMART DOLLY Blumenbecker is taking the next step forward.

Intelligent tracking

No more unnecessary searches and no wasting of valuable manpower. The tracking function fitted to our SMART DOLLY means that you always know the exact position of each dolly on the airport apron.

Current status overview

Which dolly is loaded, which one is free and available for use? Simply call up the current status of your dollies and avoid unnecessary trips out to the apron.

Realistic service intervals

Some dollies have a heavy loading schedule while others do not. Our system analyses the operating performance and draws up loading profiles so that servicing is carried out according to need – and is not merely based on calendar dates.

Build your own personalised dollies!

Smart Dolly - dismountable and intelligent

Transportable and repair-friendly

Our SMART DOLLIES are not just intelligent but are adaptable, too. Simply remove the side-sections to reduce the overall width of the dolly so that it can easily fit into a standard 40‘ container. This means that your dollies can be shipped costeffectively – and can for example be send to other airports to help manage spikes in demand.

This facility also allows dollies with damaged side-sections to be re-fitted with new components quickly and easily.

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