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Blumenbecker Technik at "Leuna – Dialog 2017" trade show

"Positioning ourselves as a professional service partner in the Leuna region“

For more than a decade, “Leuna Dialog” has been a firm fixture in the calendar of firms based in and around Leuna and places beyond, establishing itself over the years as an important point of contact for companies engaged in the chemical and industrial sectors. This year, Blumenbecker Technik GmbH was also represented in Leuna for the first time.

“Acquiring KÖ-Hebezeugtechnik has given us an even stronger presence in the Leuna region, which is why we, too, wanted to fly our flag at the trade show,” explains Torsten Fischer, head of Blumenbecker Technik’s crane services department in Bad Lauchstädt-Schafstädt.

This year, 114 exhibitors came to Leuna Dialog 2017 to showcase their services and product portfolios. For their part, Torsten Fischer and Ronny Kögel promoted Blumenbecker Technik’s complete range of services, whereby special emphasis was given to cranes and industrial doors. In addition to a range of conventional information boards they had also installed a test bed for hoisting equipment, which attracted quite a bit of interest.

“Many visitors used the opportunity to visit us and engage in discussions,” Torsten Fischer summarised a successful day at the show. “We made lots of new contacts and positioned ourselves as a professional service partner in the Leuna region.”

Mr Torsten Fischer
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