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Continuous growth for more than 25 years

Today’s Blumenbecker Technik GmbH grew out of a business that had once been part of the former East Germany’s Agrodienst organisation and which, after German reunification, found itself without orders and looking for a new owner.

Detlef Schulz, former CEO of Blumenbecker Technik and at that time head of the Crane Service and Lifting Work Platforms Department in Beckum, quickly recognised the potential that offered itself for Blumenbecker. Through the design and production of special lifting platforms, the people in Schafstädt demonstrated their capabilities, with the result that the firm was officially taken over by Blumenbecker in June 1991. Almost at the same time, it was joined by the Rüdersdorf facility, followed a good year later by the operation in Zeitz. The last branch establishment to be set up to date was that in Chemnitz.

Through specialising in niche markets while also offering a wide range of capabilities, Blumenbecker Technik GmbH has grown rapidly since its foundation. This is also reflected in the recent addition of land to the company’s site and the enlargement of an office building at the headquarters in Schafstädt.

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